FIO Technology Inc.
FIO-KeyBO 10-key QWERTY text entry method
Provides a solution for client companies with creative ideas and innovation including FIO- KeyBO.
FIO-KeyBO Increase Usability...

> Achieves a 10-key QWERTY keyboard within the standard cellular phone width.

> Keeps Number keys as big as a cellular phone's.

> Even though the characters look crowded, actual valid key width for each letter is wider than current smartphone.

Simplify and reduce cost...

> Reduce the number of switches beneath the keyboard by 1/3.

> Simplify the mechanical structure compare with slide style QWERTY phones and smart phones.


Expand functionality...

> Compare with the Blackberry style QWERTY keyboard, FIO-KeyBO allocates 1 extra symbol in each line. With a shift combination, 6 extra symbols are assigned, enabling a full QWERTY keyboard.

> Enables sliding finger control with mechanical click feeling without expensive touch panel such as iphone.

> Increase usability of user interface such as game application with 6x4 key switch solution. 

Over 1.2 billion new cellular phones are released every year with terrible input methods called "Multi-tap". To compensate for this handicapped input method, word prediction softwares have been created. On the other hand, English speaking people are very annoyed by this multi-tap, so people prefer smartphones such as RIM's blackberry with small QWERTY keyboards which sold over 139millions in 2008. Touch panel smartphones such as Apple's iphone also supports software QWERTY keyboards. The next trend is that both cellular and smart phones are merged into unified devices. This is an invisible blue ocean market.

This video shows how a 50-year-old FIO-KeyBO creator broke a world record set by a 18-year-old boy.

"The razor-toothed piranhas of the...."

The above video also explains about what is FIO-KeyBO, How it works, and Why FIO-KeyBO is superior than any other input methods.

Achieves the benefit of QWERTY keyboard within a 50mm width by keeping the 10 keys as big as current cellular phone, and enables as a single hand operated QWERTY phone.

Our dream...

Enables  FIO-KeyBO, which means Flexible Indoor and Outdoor KeyBOard, to become a de-facto input method for billions of worldwide people for generating mesasges such as email, SMS, IM or SNS such as twitter or FaceBook. FIO-KeyBO is also a great solution to search a program for the remote controller of AVC devices, the game controller and any other 10-key devices.

Our Goal... 

FIO-KeyBO will replace multi-tap and current QWERTY text entry method with innovative 10-key QWERTY keyboard.